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I've been playing the occasional game of Colossus lately (because I'm old skool that way). Surviving the first few turns with 4-5 human hater AIs is nasty. Often this means you have to go on the offensive to build your titan up enough in the early game to give you a fighting chance later on. And that leads to games with finishes like this:

I started game with several sixes, and picked up 2-3 Warlocks. I immediately went on the hunt and killed a couple of Titans, freeing up some much-needed lebensraum. But this knocked my Titan legion down to just a Titan, an angel, and a single Warlock. All hopes of recruitment in this legion were gone! Meanwhile, my remaining stacks were mostly giving their lives to block stuff from finishing my Titan off right away.

It didn't take much of this, plus opportunistically picking off cruft from the large number of opposing stacks, for me to get Titan teleport. Now I could migrate somewhere quiet and crufty every time a 6 came up. Phew! Meanwhile, I was down basically to brush stacks plus a single stack lackadaisically trying to pick up some griffons and hydras (that's my two griffons dying fleeing in the second to last turn.

Meanwhile my single remaining opponent had maxed out his stacks with piles of Ranger Death Legions, Unicorn death legions, and Serpents (I did eventually pick up a serpent almost by accident by circling the bus, which you can see toasting a wimpy ranger legion on the last turn). Brush and tower creatures ran out; no recruitment for me except in Desert, Jungle, or a tower. A single Ogre did banner service running around preventing stuff from getting anywhere interesting while being too boringly positioned to be worth killing. And throughout my opponent has this kind of stupid Titan legion with three Warlocks---but until very near the end, I had a Titan, an archangel, a Warlock, and an Angel.

I've never run so scared for quite so long. Usually it was the unicorn death legions or serpents on my tail... And I couldn't afford to defend, as an extra angel would have left my Titan bare. Of course, I'd sort of forgotten than once your Titan hits 28-4, he pretty much walks through legions unscathed.

Recommend Colossus for setting up close combats, then fighting them repeatedly until you can consistently win them. I think I'm now slightly less stupid in combat, we'll see. Downside to the game: you pretty much have to turn on "see legions" with computer players, as their turns go by so fast that you can't figure out what's going on in the various stacks.

And lots of "human hater" AIs is a great way to learn the positional game. Urgh.
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