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It has come to my attention that it's been a while since I posted last, and there's quite a bit of catching up to do. Indeed, I feel like I've been struggling to catch up quite a bit lately. Here's the high points of life lately:

In January, Sun Microsystems was finally acquired by Oracle. I decided to jump ship, and left in mid-February with the plan of joining Google in late March. I'm now about a month in on the new job, and still a bit disoriented. Work environment is very nice, and the trip out to the Googleplex in Mountain View for orientation merits a whole post to itself (if nothing else to dwell on the curious forms of excess to be found there). And what is my job? Make The Web Faster. Yes, it's a project name (actually an umbrella project that includes stuff like the SPDY protocol).

Meanwhile, during the interim we went to England over [ profile] desireearmfeldt's spring break. We played Sharp & Sensibility, a Regency-era LARP with multiple changes of government, then visited York and and Cambridge. Altogether wholly satisfactory, and also worth a post of its own.

Actually, I've done quite a bit of LARPing between S&S, Intercon in mid-March just before starting at Google, and the Brandeis LARP festival this weekend. Probably the most hours spent in game in a 2-month period since I got too creaky for 10-days.

Finally, today I ran my first 5K in four years. Today's time was a personal worst 26:04—but my expectations were pretty low, and I was expecting a finish more around 30min. I haven't been running quite often enough to actually build up a base, and have been trying to up my cadence and shorten my stride to reduce heel striking. I have no idea how to pace myself for a 5K anymore, and was a bit conservative as a result. I did at least avoid my usual mistake of a jackrabbit start. But I ended up having a lot of kick at the end, and the guy I'd been pacing for the latter half of the race was a bit put out when I breezed past him (and a couple of other folks) in the last 200 meters. So I expect I could have done better if I'd kicked it up just a little. I'd like to get back down at least to the 8min miles I was running in 2006, and preferably to something actually respectable. A lot more interval, distance, and hill work to go, though. And plyometrics!

I did at least have the small pleasure of kicking [ profile] dcltdw's butt. In his defense, I'm a bit of a lucky bastard here: I think my running baseline (just jog out the door and run 5K without practice, resulting in aching knees and shin splits) is only a bit slower than his current speed, and he's been practicing much harder than I have to get to where he is now. I started out runner-shaped, even if I was never good enough to actually be competitive. Meanwhile the mongoose is running 6-and-change miles over far longer distances... It'd be nice to get that back!

There's also the bike pace to worry about. But I'm going to focus on remaking my running form for now, because I suspect it will also help strengthen bits of my legs that contribute to speed and stability in my sword work.

PS - Did you know the nested tags above exercise an LJ rendering bug (lj user reference terminates ongoing html entity)?

Date: 2010-04-19 02:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dcltdw
In his defense, I'm a bit of a lucky bastard here: I think my running baseline (just jog out the door and run 5K without practice, resulting in aching knees and shin splits) is only a bit slower than his current speed

BZZT. My run log says, for 5K distances, 11.5, 11.6, and 10.6 minute paces. Yesterday was 9.3, so basically, my base pace is "who knows?!?". ;) But yeah, if you're sub-10, then I'm pretty sure that's faster than my base pace. I had -nothing- left at the end. :)

And I've yet to get back to 6+ miles this season. Longest so far was Thursday, at 5. If Holland gets scrubbed, then I'll try for 5.5 on Saturday. :)

Date: 2010-04-19 03:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I hope for all your sakes it doesn't, as that would suck. :-( But I have to admit it's looking dicey.


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