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And with apologies to [ profile] mathhobbit for stealing her "things I make with the farmshare" title.

We had a mess of turnips and beets with their greens. What to do with all that ere it goes all wilty? Why, make a pilaf with the quinoa that [ profile] desireearmfeldt bought! It turns out quinoa makes a fantastic pilaf, and you can cook it up in a rice cooker. This is great, because I find quinoa on its own kind of oppressive.

I ran across this big bottle of dregs from my Berliner Weiße sitting in the fridge. Could I use that to deglaze a frying pan, and substitute it for broth? Why yes, yes I could.

2 onions and
Stems from beet greens and chard (see below), chopped like celery.
Sauteed these with canola oil. Put them into the rice cooker.

8 or so chicken wings. [ profile] desireearmfeldt defrosted a package of "chicken bits" from our meat share. I was a wee bit surprised to discover they were all wings. Ah well, in for a penny, in for a pound. For a pilaf, you can put the juice from the package into the rice cooker before putting the wings in the frying pan and frying them, both sides, on high heat with a lid mostly covering the pan (or grease goes everywhere).

5 small beets, peeled, chopped and put in rice cooker. Messy.
2 turnips, ditto. Also 4 cloves garlic, chopped. And a mess of lemon thyme (on the stem) and several sage leaves, chopped.

Added 2c of quinoa to the cooker. With rice pilaf you're supposed to fry long grain rice in oil briefly to help its structural integrity, but quinoa has plenty of its own, so, bonus!

2 tsp bouillon powder (enough for 2c) – put this directly into the cooker. It'll dissolve when you pour liquid over it.

The chicken then goes on top of the other stuff in the cooker.

2c Berliner Weiße, mostly uncarbonated and kind of yeasty. We'll be cooking it, which will turn the yeast into tasty B vitamins (or denature them entirely).
2c mix of water and about 1/4c of leftover chicken broth.

I deglazed the pot with about half of the above, and added the rest direct to the cooker.

Shredded beet and turnip greens, placed on top of everything else in the rice cooker. Then you just press "cook" and wait.

Generous helping of lemon juice (2-4T) and goodly grinding of white pepper after cooking is done. Stir everything together as best you can.

This totally filled up the rice cooker, and I had to sort of shove the leafies down a bit. But the idea is they end up mostly steamed while the chicken falls apart and drips onto the stuff that actually needs to sit in the liquid. The quinoa ended up pink from the beets and beet stems. Yummy.

Date: 2013-10-21 11:56 am (UTC)
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Sounds good!

After finding the title of my cooking "blog", I vowed never again to sign up for the winter farmshare.


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