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And with apologies to [ profile] mathhobbit for stealing her "things I make with the farmshare" title.

We had a mess of turnips and beets with their greens. What to do with all that ere it goes all wilty? Why, make a pilaf with the quinoa that [ profile] desireearmfeldt bought! It turns out quinoa makes a fantastic pilaf, and you can cook it up in a rice cooker. This is great, because I find quinoa on its own kind of oppressive.

I ran across this big bottle of dregs from my Berliner Wei├če sitting in the fridge. Could I use that to deglaze a frying pan, and substitute it for broth? Why yes, yes I could.

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Thanks to a $10 for $5 coupon, I found myself at Toscanini's after work for the first time in far too long. Two pints, what to choose? Vienna Finger Cookie, of course. And the strangest flavor on the menu, of course. Salty Saffron? Tasty, but been there. Wait, what's this? Yes! Goat Cheese Rhubarb ice cream!

And it's fantastic. Very distinctively goat cheese flavored. Enough so that I actually wonder how much cream is in here. Strong lemony notes, including some peel as well as juice (I assume this balances the acidity). The rhubarb isn't as forward as the goat cheese, but provides fruitiness and balance.

An interesting comparison with the chocolate goat cheesecake I had at Za yesterday (colleague moving back to Mountain View). That wasn't nearly as goat cheesy; it was nicely chocolatey, but the chocolate masks some of the distinctive flavor of the goat cheese.

So run, don't walk, to Tosci's and try this stuff. It's the best ice cream I've had in a long time. And I like really good ice cream.
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Two recent recipe successes indicate (in part) the benefits of injecting a bit of umame goodness into western cooking.

For those of you who haven't been keeping track, umame is the recently-discovered fifth flavor. I don't use MSG (which triggers it), but I do think of things like Shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce---along, of course, with regular old meat---as having umame goodness. The other themes here: sauteeing leeks and using evaporated skim milk as a cream substitute.

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