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And with apologies to [ profile] mathhobbit for stealing her "things I make with the farmshare" title.

We had a mess of turnips and beets with their greens. What to do with all that ere it goes all wilty? Why, make a pilaf with the quinoa that [ profile] desireearmfeldt bought! It turns out quinoa makes a fantastic pilaf, and you can cook it up in a rice cooker. This is great, because I find quinoa on its own kind of oppressive.

I ran across this big bottle of dregs from my Berliner Wei├če sitting in the fridge. Could I use that to deglaze a frying pan, and substitute it for broth? Why yes, yes I could.

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Updated with pictures!

Today was the latest edition of the Iron Chef contest at work. The basic format is this: two lists of ingredients are nominated, roughly savory and sweet. At 4PM the day before they are fed into a goofy Java program. Everyone gets together in a conference room, and the program is run, gradually crossing out ingredients from each list until one of each remains. The next day the contestants bring in dishes which use one or both of the ingredients. There are points for presentation, flavor, creativity, and so on.

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The winning entry was from my old manager, who made asparagus creme brulee. Yes, it tasted of asparagus. And it was indeed yummy. Crazy stuff. Another entrant serenaded the judges with a goofy version of "Feliz Navidad" with judge-specific lyrics. Asparagus with cheese and balsamic vinegar was torched at the table (to melt the cheese without overcooking the asparagus). The white asparagus and salmon salad with caramel vinaigrette was nummy. And the asparagus and caramel sauce smoothies were just wierd.

I'm no longer iron chef! Yay!


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