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Work is putting together a team for the Reach the Beach Relay in mid-September. It's a 200-mile relay race where from Cannon Mountain round the back of the white mountains, alongside Lake Winnepesaukee, ending at Hampton Beach (same parking lot as the Seacoast Century). This'd involve running three legs totaling around 17 miles (one of them likely in the dead of night), with several hundred feet of climbing guaranteed. I'd have to work up to at least an 8-minute half-marathon pace by mid-September. Doable, but not a distance I've ever tried before. Barring injury, it'd also put me in a good position to do the half with [ profile] dcltdw in early October.

Looking at the course, I'm pretty excited. Scenic sections abound, and the stretch through the White Mountains is actually fairly easy hill-wise (it's the lake district where they really pile on the hills). The course goes right past the foot of the driveway for ET's alum retreat, so I suspect a training run is in my future over memorial day weekend.
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We went on the annual pilgrimage to Maine, and it was very relaxing. And I spontaneously decided to run my first 5K in over 17 years. )

Meanwhile, we hung out with [ profile] nuclearpolymer and [ profile] dcltdw for a couple of days, acquiring many blueberries. We ate tons of blueberry-ish treats. I cooked a pretty good approximation to the brined pork for seven (I didn't do the grilling, busying myself with the veg instead). We hiked two Acadia peaks and three cliffy trails in about 4.5 hours. And I experienced the Winter Harbor Lobster Festival, which is very good on the arty/crafty front. Too bad the Methodists hadn't optimized their funnel cake production.

Oh, yeah, and we saw Fiddler on the Roof. I'm still having flashes of the Japanese version of the opening number.


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