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Did Tufts -> Mystic Lakes -> Turkey Hill -> Park Ave Tower -> Bike path -> home.
12.83mi, 2 very tough climbs, 57:02. Bike computer says average speed was 13.04mph, so I still have no idea if it's using time average or distance average, except that my math says distance average was actually higher at 13.5mph. Very satisfied.

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Thanks to [ profile] nuclearpolymer I finally got 'round to doing a formal century---the Sea Coast Century---this Saturday. The verdict? Wet!

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Next time, perhaps a stronger pace. And need to figure out a way to bring more small snacky meals along; I'm not so much for a normal lunchtime on a long ride, I prefer lighter snacks and shorter breaks along the way. Bananas and oranges are great.

Now I need to take my bike in to get my derailleur re-lubed and re-adjusted; all that water left everything coated in sand, and I couldn't shift properly after the first rest stop. And I really should just acknowledge the truth and either get road tires, or a road bike (which might make my shoulders hurt less after a long ride, too). But two bikes really seems a bit too much, and I do love my old steel Trek frame.
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We went on the annual pilgrimage to Maine, and it was very relaxing. And I spontaneously decided to run my first 5K in over 17 years. )

Meanwhile, we hung out with [ profile] nuclearpolymer and [ profile] dcltdw for a couple of days, acquiring many blueberries. We ate tons of blueberry-ish treats. I cooked a pretty good approximation to the brined pork for seven (I didn't do the grilling, busying myself with the veg instead). We hiked two Acadia peaks and three cliffy trails in about 4.5 hours. And I experienced the Winter Harbor Lobster Festival, which is very good on the arty/crafty front. Too bad the Methodists hadn't optimized their funnel cake production.

Oh, yeah, and we saw Fiddler on the Roof. I'm still having flashes of the Japanese version of the opening number.


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